A Bold Step to Accept the Challenge

Taking a bold step is not about showing off your skills and prove to others that you have the guts to take that step. It’s about believing in yourself and taking a step which you think will change your life. When we face difficulties in our life, or stuck in a problem which is hard to get out of or just need to change our self and go ahead on a different path to change our life, we make that attempt to take the bold step. Such situations have come in my life too. Here is an incident where I took a step and it helped me go ahead and build confidence that I needed.

Those were the days of my first job when I was a complete fresher to the corporate world. At the age of 23, all I knew was studies, college, and some pass times. Actually working to earn was never in my forte. So clearly when I joined this workplace I was not offered the money I needed. It was a typical 9 hours job which extended to 10 to 11 hours at times. So including the traveling time, the job took up around 13-14 hours of my entire day leaving very less time for myself. Well that is not really considered a problem for full time salaried people in India. But those days, I wanted something more.

I always wanted to own a two wheeler vehicle. During my studying period, I had chucked the idea as I was not earning and I would never ask for luxury items from my parents. Thanks to my big self-respect. But after lot of patience and hundreds of interviews (Thanks to the recession days), when I got this job offer, I couldn’t dare to ignore it. With the little bank balance that I had, I could see that my dream of owning a vehicle on my own terms was flying away in ashes.

When I got settled with my new workplace, job and colleagues, I thought that its time to achieve that long lost dream. So I started thinking of ways to earn and listed down all possible options. Option 1 was changing my job and looking for one with higher salary. But changing my job within a time span of few months is not a good idea. 2nd option was to go for smart investments. But that was again difficult with the tiny balance I had in my bank account. Another option was to ask my parents to pay now and return them in small installments. But then I will be left with nothing for myself except my vehicle that too without fuel!

After many more such ideas, 1 idea that struck and felt doable was working a little extra. Freelancing was the option. If I can take out some time out of my leisure hours, I could earn that money and get the love of my life. But there were chances I will get pressured because of the work overload. But I was ready for it.

I was ready to take the bold step. 3 months later, after constant effort and hard work, I could afford a Mahindra Rodeo. It was an achievement for me to buy something for myself which I always wanted, within 6 months of starting to earn. But now when I look back, I realize that it was not just about the 2 wheeler vehicle. That bold step also built confidence in me to take challenges in my life and come out with flying colours.

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