Car selling made Quikr

With the recently launched feature by Quikr i.e. the Quikr NXT, fixing the deal for buying or selling products on Quikr looks much easier than ever. I have sold many things on Quikr and purchased some too. From mobile phones to a laptop bag, I haven’t left a thing to sell. I had also bought a Philips Hair Straightener and a Kindle eBook reader. I have always got a good deal at Quikr – sold at best price and purchased one too, sometimes through negotiation.

But the problem was always to initiate the deal. The contact number has to go public, email is an option though. But sending a message on email and waiting for the reply is not something I would opt for. Instead an anonymous chat service is a better option. And boom! Guess what! Quikr has come up with that too. This service is something which I had always waited for. Although there are many advantages in such a service, the most essential one for me is that I do not have to disclose my contact number till the deal is finalized. And to personally deliver the product I make it a point to take someone along with me.

We own a Honda City car which has been with us since 6 years and we are the 2nd owner. However now we plan to buy a Toyota Innova as our family is expanding. Based on my previous selling experiences with Quikr, I intend to sell my Honda City on Quikr. And with Quikr NXT service I expect the experience to be a lot easier. I can simply give away the information about my car like the colour, mileage, insurance, repairs done, servicing required, final price etc on the chat service. I do not have to talk on the phone explaining everything during my working hours. On chats, you get to know the customer without disclosing your number. I had experienced this while selling my mobile on Quikr NXT. The copy paste option helps us to quickly message the customer about the details which he/she asks for, even if it is clearly written on the adv. Also you have records maintained in chat history with the details given and replies received by every buyer. So with multiple buying requests you don’t get confused about who was a genuine buyer and who is just wasting your time with illogical and never ending queries. If at any point of time you feel that the person posing as a buyer is not actually interested in buying and just chatting to kill time, you can straight away stop the chat and avoid the person completely. It’s just on your finger tips.

With an app like Quikr, sellers and buyers need not worry about selling even an expensive item like a car. And it is possible on the go or at the convenience of your home or office desktop.

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