Corpokshetra Review – Deepak Kaul

Deepak Kaul : Corpokshetra Review

Deepak Kaul : Corpokshetra Author

Book name: Corpokshetra – Mahabharata In The MBA Yug
Author: Deepak Kaul
Publisher: Bloody Good Book

An out of the box thinking, that’s the power of a book author. And Corpokshetra author, Deepak Kaul, has done exactly that.Who would have pictured Duryodhana visiting the Starbucks, or Duryodhana inviting the Pandavas for poker game over the Whatsapp? Kaul has made us do that!

Mahabharata is well depicted in today’s corporate world. Hastinapur Enterprises, Indraprastha Airlines, all entities are well in place. Despite of knowing the popular story, you will be certainly glued to the book till the end. The humour and flow of the story keeps you engaged. The heavy thick books and hundreds of episodes are intelligently concise in this 142 pages Corpokshetra making it a quick read.

The epic has been recreated and inspired many authors and filmmakers. Some of them excelled while some couldn’t pick it up. Deepak Kaul belong to the first category. The light-hearted nature of the book gives the reader the liberty to go beyond imaginations. When Draupadi is pulled out during the dice game (poker), she is more concerned about her hair which took hours to get done. Brothers cursing the iPhone and regret for not buying a Samsung instead! That is so us! In short, the author of Corpokshetra has hit the right node.

Corpokshetra an MBA Yug Review: 5 out of 5

1: Naaaah!
2: Think twice before you go for it!
3: OK!
4: Great!
5: Out of the World!

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