Dare for Cupid Games on Valentines Day

Valentine ’s Day – the day of love is meant to be the perfect day to express love. Be it simply saying I love you at your dinner table or standing on the stage in a crowded dance floor and shouting your lungs out, every girl and boy wishes to hear those 3 magical words.

As soon as the cupid strikes the arrow on to you, your only aim in life is to propose the person and express your love. I can say that for sure as I too have gone through it (let’s not say just once 😉 ) Well, in the long run, it’s not just important that you did it, but more importantly how you did it. Here’s one of the ways I chose to propose the person I had a crush on. I wouldn’t mind to do it again this Valentine’s day to the permanent crush of my life – my Husband.

While walking on the road with 2 of my girl friends, we calculated and strategized a plan for the cupid game in our minds. Occasionally communicating through our eyes, we thought that this day shouldn’t be missed at all. There I saw my crush standing at the entrance of a coffee shop occasionally laughing and chatting with his friends. 3 of us looked at the surrounding street – it was quite a crowded place with open restaurants, busy shops, and people wandering on the street in their own world. We looked at each other, gave a wicked smile and thought – it’s the perfect time to execute our plan.

Both my mates stood around 3 feet away from me and started clapping and tapping their feet at an interval of 1 second. I being a master at Tap dance with practice of 5 years started my move. With this the eyes turned towards us – exactly what we wanted. The next steps followed by the 2 girls on the either sides of me. And we swayed, tapped, jumped and rolled for the next 5 minutes, all the while keeping my eyes on him. I could notice his jaw dropping as he saw us move. My occasional hints had already given him the clue, but I couldn’t stop now without saying it out to him.

As our act came to an end, my left buddy picked up the party popper kept at the corner and burst it. With this our flash mob ended and I landed in front of the guy and shouted I LOVE YOUUUU!

Everybody on the street and the shops watched as I waited for his response. After a few seconds of silence, a smile on his face gave me the moment of relief and good times of happiness.

Playing such cupid games throughout your life is no harm as long as it’s with the same person J. Here are few online cupid games which might just reward you with happiness: http://cupidgames.closeup.in/. Do check it out if you can dare to.


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