Facebook out of Google Knowledge Graph

If you have struggled really hard to get your business official Facebook link onto google knowledge graph, well, now all the struggling go in vain. Until few days back, google displayed couple of social media icons on the knowledge graph of brand searches. But now somehow the favourite search engine has managed to clear it off from its right side box. However other websites have still retained their position tight in those spots. Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn accounts would still be linked, but not Facebook.

A quick search of brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Justdial, Jabong, Paytm have those icons, whereas Facebook icon is nowhere seen.

How to get your Social Media links added in knowledge graph?

For your business official Social media accounts to be linked from Google knowledge graph, you need to verify them, link them from your official website and add the appropriate structured data in the head tag of the website.

All done, still no result? Wait for a week.

Waited for a week, still no result?

Be active.

If still you do not find your links, Google search is always at your rescue 😉

But the big worry remains. Why is Facebook out of Knowledge graph?

UPDATE: Before we could find out the reason for Facebook’s exit from the Knowledge Graph, it’s back 🙂 So the big question now turns irrelevant! Anyways thanks for visiting the page …..

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