Grab the spoon – A Story – Part 1

Sipping my coffee at a cafe, I wondered if I’ll find someone ever again in my life. It’s been 3 years since I’m picking up the broken pieces. Somehow succeeded. But still the little hopes remain that she’ll call me someday and say that she wants to get back with our 5 yr old Ben. But the reality is that whenever we have talked it was just to wind up things or get back the left out valuables. Akash, my dear buddy, always preaches “There are many icecreams out there of different flavours. When one doesn’t work for you, there’s always range of choices waiting. All you have to do is grab a spoon.” Sometimes he just seems right. After all I am just 25, and more than focusing on my future I am entangled in my past. Shooing away the thoughts, I raised my wrist to find that it’s time to reach my workplace and earn my bread and butter.

As I extended my hand to open the glass door, my head was hanging down and my brain still occupied with the sorrowful thoughts. Expecting another usual day at office, I entered. But, least did I know it was not as usual as I thought it would be. With my head still hanging down, a pair of gladiator sandals caught my attention. As my eyes moved up to find out the lady wearing them, there she was standing in  denim skirt and sleeveless blouse with long black hair set free to fly. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows, big eyes highlighted with kajal, long lips, thrice pierced ears didn’t let my gaze move away from her. Caught in my second round of thoughts I could just see her lips moving, probably saying something, which I heard only when she said it for the second time, “Hey Glen!”. Realizing that I had been in my thoughts since quite a while, I instantly replied with a choked voice, “Hey Mishka”. That’s all! That is the conversation we have daily. We collide, greet and walk our ways. I always wondered if I could take the conversation ahead. But the complexity of my circumstances would always hold me back.

Being a Friday night, everyone was excited about the weekend coming up. That explains Mishka’s attire. Usually she ‘s dressed in her floral kurti and matching plain leggings. But today she was dressed like Aniston. Chucking my wandering brain, I walked towards my desktop and noticed that there were few additions in my drawer and on the corner of the table. As I glared at the desk, I realized what’s going on. Alright, so our colleagues in the day shift had switched places and my desktop had a new user for the day. For the night, of course its companion was me. A tiny surprise was however lying in the drawer “Spray mint kiss ready mouth freshner”. That’s how they described it in the advertisement. In my mind I thought that this new day guy got to be a desperate creature. There was a notepad which I didn’t care to open with the fear of finding more desperateness by him. The cover had the name on it, slightly faded, which I read straining my eyes “Mishka!” And I blurted out “What The”. It was not a He. It was Mishka! As I landed on my chair stunned, a thought struck my mind. May be Akash was right. It’s time to grab the spoon.

The emerging era of the social networking those days – Facebook helped me take my next step. Profile viewing followed by friend request, comments, likes initiated actual conversations between us. Then came chat messages which took our story a little further. Within a span of few days I had become a friend with whom she would share the little fun, problems and happiness. She was glad to have a friend like me. And I was glad that she was glad.

We shared almost every moment of our lives. Somehow I felt that we share the same feelings for each other, although it was unsaid. Her feelings were no more a secret for me. The only secret not shared between us yet was a big one. My divorce. But couldn’t keep it a secret any more. She had to know it before it’s too late. But how? Through chat, email, phone or face her? I wasn’t sure. But the most rational one was face her.

One fine day I asked her to meet me. We mutually agreed to meet up in a cafe. With a nervous mind and shy behaviour I walked towards our table. She was there, stretching her long lips uncontrollably, happy to find me. What she didn’t know was a truth that could shatter my dreams.

Next part of the story coming soon…..


  1. Shreejith

    Very Interesting to read.. well written 😉 But it isn’t clear who Aniston is.

    Waiting for the next part.

    Chanced upon this blog while searching for the ‘Bhima’review, and I see that you’ve got quite a collection of short stories. Will definitely go though them when times permit. Thank you.

    1. Archana (Post author)

      Thanks Shreejith. The next part is in the production, but might take a while as it has altogether different plans. Will update here soon 🙂 Thanks once again


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