Henna Mehendi Design – My long lost hobby

Henna designing or mehendi art is a beautiful art and loved by females. I have attempted, failed, reattempted, failed again, but never lost hope in creating a perfect design with mehendi. Here is the last attempt of mine, which I would rate myself as 6 on 10. Although not an expert, but I hope to reach there in the near future with numerous practice and many more attempts.


Alright, there are many characters in the design, the peacock, woman carrying a pot and a leaf to end it all.

Here goes how I arrived at the final design.

Let’s start with the lines so that we know which character comes where…


Here goes our 1st peacock and woman with her ghoongat


Let’s complete the intricate designs for woman and outlines for the pot and the 2nd peacock…


A lit bit of highlighting outlines for our  characters and filling designs…


Washed off…


If you too created this design let me know along with a picture in comments below 🙂

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