Mistakes Like Love and Sex Book Review

We walk. We fall. We learn. That’s what this book ‘Mistakes Like Love and Sex’ is all about. Just like the author Madhuri Banerjee had depicted in her first book ‘Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas’ of the trilogy series.

Mistakes Like Love and Sex Book Review

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After months of busy days and nights, i decided to grab a book to refresh myself. And Madhuri Banerjee was to my rescue. So I am done with the book after 2 days of continuous reading. What did I learn? Of course everything teaches us something. Like penning down this review is improving my writing skills. Hopefully though! I don’t know if penning is even a word! Now back to the big question. What did I learn? I learnt relationships. I learnt different kinds of people in the world. I learnt some tiny bits about art.

Kaveri, the lead character, always enters into the love or lust adventure and eventually ends up saying ‘I’m done with men’. Well that’s just before she lands into another adventure. But everything happens for a reason. Like they say ‘Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai‘. This book revolves around that famous hindi saying.

The book Mistakes Like Love and Sex starts with erotica and ends with erotica. Just what the readers want! Banerjee Mam knows that well. May be that’s what glued me to the book. Every relationship Ms. Kaveri enters into, brings in more curiosity in the reader’s mind – What happens next! Will it last long! Who’ll dump whom! And we always wish for a happy ending. That’s exactly what happens in the end. Kaveri goes through all the ups and downs but in the end settles for the best.

Not one incidence has been dragged to put the reader to boredom. All chapters are just perfect and quickly move on to the next phase. The book being the second part of the trilogy, reading the first part is quite recommended, not necessary though. The author Madhuri Banerjee has brushed up the essential parts quite efficiently.

A must read for readers who have dived into the first part. If you don’t find online PDF download of the ebook, then buy it! Its really worth. For erotica lovers too, this book is something that will wake up those senses.

Would rate it 4 out of 5. The philosophical talks in the book were being a barrier when I wanted an end to my curiosity.

Waiting eagerly to know what happens next with Kaveri and her Mr Ayaan.

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