My Baby Softest

When I touch your tiny hands, I feel you are here for me,
When you give that blushy smile, I know you were waiting for me,
When I lift you in my arms, in whole of universe you trust me,
Your safety is my priority till the last breath in me.

He crawls, he shouts, he laughs, he cries. He does everything that a 6 month old does. He smiles at me when I return home in the evening from work. That eases all my tiredness in seconds. When I take him in my arms, his safety is my priority of all. I look at him, he looks at me and I land a kiss on his soft cheek. I ensure that my lips don’t harm his blushy cheeks.

Here’s my baby expressing his excitement of his soft skin…


Being in an enclosed world for 9 months, a baby’s skin is something we need to protect at all times. Here are 5 steps I always follows when it comes to my baby.

No. 1: Olive oil is the king of softness…

Well this is literally the No. 1. Olive oil is believed to retain softness of the skin. So babies are often applied olive oil during massage. I do the same. A few drop on my palm and then onto his skin. He enjoys his massage time and so do I. His smile make the massage moments special.

2. Bath time…

All babies like playing in the water. My little one likes it the most. Trying to pull the bucket, splashing water all around, singing his own tune shows all his excitement. I make sure that during his bath time I use the finest products for his skin. His body wash takes care of his skin quite efficiently.

3. Softest fabrics…

The soft skin of infants are often delicate and sensitive to rough objects. So I get baby clothes, towels etc which are soft and maintain the softness for longer period. Now how do I do that? I use detergent liquid especially intended for baby clothes. And I never forget a fabric conditioner too.

4. Moisturiser and baby powder are always on his skin.

I use a good quality moisturiser and baby powder with powder puff being changed every 3 months. These ensure the skin is protected from dryness during the winter season. The powder takes away any wetness from the skin preventing rashes. And yes, powder is always a must after every pee or poo.

5. A soft diaper…

That’s is a must for every baby. Their sensitive skin has to be taken care of from any kind of diaper rashes. If the right diaper is not selected, baby might get cranky and irritated. Worse could be skin problems.

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

How do you keep your baby’s skin soft? Do write in the comments below.

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