Put your baby to sleep with Bedtime Rituals

The beautiful relationship of mother and child cannot be described in just words. It’s not like the love between 2 lovers, its nowhere close to what siblings are attached to since their childhood and its neither like the bonding between a husband and wife. It’s a special one which no one in this world can express. It’s just between the mother and her child. She understands what her baby wants to say even before the cutie starts uttering. She understands when her baby is hungry, when the little one is feeling warm or cold and even when he’s sleepy.

Apart from showing the love and cuddling to her little one, a mother also has to look after his/her daily routine and habits. One of them is the bedtime routine. If you are already a mommy, you know exactly what I am saying! Putting babies to sleep is one of the big struggles for them.

I have not had the fortune to be a mother yet. But I have got the opportunity to take care of a cutie pie baby who actually belonged to my brother, but I equally participated while taking care of her and looked after her daily routine.

Some rituals we would follow for our special one to go to sleep are:

Dress her for bed
One of important things to remember while putting babies to sleep as suggest by our baby expert is to teach them the difference between day and night. So it’s recommended to have a set of night dress for the baby, we have a bunch of them. We have made it a ritual every night to dress up our baby in one of those cute pyjama set in sack style. It keeps the baby neither very warm nor very cold yet very comfortable throughout the night. Also after practicing this ritual for couple of nights our cutie pie has now understood that slipping into those clothes means her sleeping time has arrived.

Slip her into a new Diaper
As she is expected to sleep peacefully and allow us to do the same for the next few hours, we have to ensure that she stays dry and free of itchiness. So a good diaper is always recommended for the baby. We never miss out on this one. The diaper we use is of the well known brand Pampers.

Play soothing music
Our baby loved soothing music. We knew this well before our sweetie had even come out of her personal space onto this world. When my sister-in-law was pregnant and she would feel the baby is not letting her sleep with it’s never ending and excited movements, we would play soft music to put the baby and the mother to sleep. After few minutes of playing the soft music, our baby dozes off to a good night sleep peacefully.

These are some of the bedtime rituals we follow for our sweetie pie. If you are a mother and would like to share the rituals you follow, I would love to hear them out.

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