Resist to Desist

Under the dark sky,
We walked on the busy street.

He looked at me,
Wanting for more than just a meet.

An awkward moment,
I couldn’t just run away from.

But to my amusement,
I was keeping myself calm.

Entering a restaurant,
With tables and chairs in white.

He didn’t seem very flamboyant,
I feared it ends up with a fight.

Denying to have a single bite of food
I tried showing resistance.

With his happy go lucky mood,
He continued with his insistence.

Trying to keep it short,
I picked my bag to walk away.

He held my wrist to extort,
Keeping his humanity at bay.

One stare at his unfaithful eyes,
Forced him to back out.

One decision which was wise,
Helped me without a doubt.

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