Secret to a Happy and Peaceful Baby

Looking at your happy baby feels like the happiest moment for every parent. The tiny lips, soft cheeks, fun filled eyes and playful arms and legs bring the feeling of peace and happiness in your life. The moment your baby gets all cranky and irritated, all your efforts get centralized in bringing back the joyful mood of your kid. Whenever the little one starts crying, the parent can very well guess the reason behind it. It could be the hunger, thirst, cold, heat or a wet diaper. And you can instantly take care of your baby’s crankiness.

Well, I am not a mother but I do take care of a 4 month old baby occasionally which belongs to my brother and sister in law. The little angel mostly stays with her mother and I visit her whenever I feel like meeting her or my sister in law needs help in taking care of the little baby. We together see her cry, smile, laugh and play. We always wish our baby is playing with joy. Hugging her gives the ultimate peace one needs.

For our baby, all she needs to be at peace is a full stomach. The moment she is fed by her mother with enough milk she instantly goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up unless she again gets hungry. Also in her cradle we have attached some toys with which she likes to play all the time. They are the rattle toys which when hit make noise. Our baby gets entertained with moving toy and the sound it makes. May be she feels that making that sound out of the toy is her achievement.

Our little angel also likes it when somebody gives her full attention and plays with her all time. Also she keeps smiling and playing when there are many people around her and everyone keeps her entertained. When we take her in our arms and move around she keeps looking everywhere as if she is exploring everything around her. May be that is because the scene in front of her keeps changing and a new view she sees keeps her engaged.

Not to forget, the baby is happy when he/she is comfortable in what he/she is wearing. The clothes should be soft, non-pricky and should not cause extreme cold or heat to the child. Another most important rule while taking care of babies is that they should be kept dry. They often wet themselves with the milk they drink which could spill out of their mouth when are laid down immediately after meal. Also wet diapers are another reason for the cold or cranky baby. Hence choosing the right diaper is very important. Pampers baby Dry Pants is something every baby deserves. It keeps the child dry for up to 12 hours. Find more information in following link and video:

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