5 Unusual Tips & Checklist for New Parents

First time parents get tons of advice from elders, friends & relatives. It’s the most annoying when the advice comes from someone who has hardly held a baby. So what are the common tips you have heard?

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  • You won’t get to sleep! So sleep when baby sleeps.
  • Eat a lot. Otherwise what will your baby have?
  • Give baby only breast milk. No other milk.
  • Cover his head with a cap. Why don’t you cover his feet with socks. Mosquitoes bite babies a lot.
  • Protect him from evil eyes. Put kala teeka! Ohh! No kajal on eyebrows? eyes? (Seriously!? eyebrows and eyes of a baby? Is she going for a beauty contest?)

The tips will never end. Moreover they will be repetitive. Let alone your wish to not hear them.

Want to know something new? Here are some tips which probably nobody must have given.

Shop for current and the next 3 months

Baby clothes go from perfectly fit to unwearable within no time. So keep your baby wardrobe ready well in advance. A clever way to do this is keep an eye on discounts, offers and GOSFs and take advantage if you find clothes/accessories which will be useful in the future.

Make space for baby pics

Your 16 or even 32gb will not be enough when your baby comes in this world. Selfies and solo baby pictures will increase exponentially on your smartphone. So if you are buying a new phone, do consider the memory specifications. But if you are in no state to spend on a phone, you have to delete a lot of existing pictures to make space for your baby pics.

Make space for baby clothes

Just like its for you, the wardrobe space will never be sufficient for your kids clothes. For the initial months it might still be sufficient, but not later. Clothes keep on increasing at least till we turn 50. Choose a bigger one aiming to get through it at least for the next 3-4 years.

Fix noise making furniture

Kkiiiiii Kkrrrrr these are the sounds we are used to, but babies aren’t. You’ll put loads of efforts to make him sleep and 1 screeching sound will make you do all the hard work again. A little bit of oiling and a little bit of fixing will save lot of efforts.

Inform relatives after a month

Having a new member in the family, that too a newborn brings in lot of happiness and anxieties. Apart from looking after the baby, the mother needs equal attention for faster recovery. The nights are mostly horrid and in no time you’ll behave like a zombie. The daily chores which were once priority are now waiting for their turn. In amidst, what if you are also asked to greet and entertain guests? Scary. Isn’t it? So why not inform them after a month. You’ll get enough time to get settled with the baby, you get an estimation of the additional work that you have to do daily and your sleep routine might get better by then.


Have more such unusual tips? Do share in the comments 🙂

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