Together We Could Achieve

It is always believed that your loved ones are your biggest strength and help you overcome every hurdle in life. I believe the same. My family and close friends have proven to be my strength whenever I am stuck in any kind of difficulty. The person on whom I rely the most is my husband. He has been my support since we have met and helped me to be optimistic towards life. Earlier, I was the most negative thinker and a believer of practical thoughts, implying, in difficult situations I would think of worst case scenarios and keep my mind occupied only with the bad thoughts.

There were days when I was frustrated with my workplace. I didn’t wish to work there anymore. I had to travel for hours and the reward I got for giving my best towards my job was nil. This slowly created negativity in my mind towards my colleagues, job and workplace. The loss of interest began affecting my performance all the more. The proud feeling of being associated with a brand was soon fading away and getting replaced with depression. When I was supposed to enjoy my days of post-engagement and pre-marriage, here I was tensed about my career and job.

After a lot of thought on my past few days of frustration, I decided that I have to quit. But I didn’t know what next! I am not a type of person who can stay at home with zero income. Till now, this was the only source of steady income and I was totally dependent on it. During those days I was not even a money saver that I could depend on a bank balance for the next few months till I got another job. Troubling my parents financially never crossed my mind.

To overcome this tough situation, I needed an advisor- someone who can show me a path to lead my life ahead peacefully. To my rescue was my fiancĂ© – now my loving husband who is professionally more experienced and sane than me. I confided to him and told him how difficult its getting for me to survive in my current workplace. I was expecting him to give a solution using which I could somehow get out of the situation. But he surprised me by saying that instead of quitting I should put all my efforts in getting through with flying colours. I should believe in myself and prove my abilities to others too.

Initially his advice made me feel all the more weak. He was like the last resort but his motivational thoughts didn’t help me at the moment. But as days passed I realized that his talks actually motivated me. It gave me the strength to tackle difficult situations and give my best at every step. He also helped me not to give up my patience and show only my brighter side. I could overcome the difficult days with my husband’s support and by being optimistic. #together it gave me the strength and motivation.

Housing is one such platform which develops optimism and stays together in the journey.

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