Top 5 uses of Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are used by website owners so that their site performs better on Google search engine. The data provided by this tool helps in increasing site visibility in the search engine and ultimately achieve your website goals. Here are a few features of the Google webmaster tools which should be known to all website owners

Search Queries – Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Average Position

While Google Analytics or other tools tracking your website performance might just look after the traffic your website receives, webmaster tools tracks the impressions as well. So now you know which search queries have the potential to become your target keyword. The average position and CTR value provided by webmaster tools just makes it easier for you to make your list.

Links to your site

Who links the most, how your data is linked and your most linked content sections in webmaster tools gives you an unorganized report of backlinks to your website. This unorganized report can be further used to create a better link strategy. The anchor text used by other websites to link to your website and other details provided in this report might just help you in building your site’s reputation.

Remove URL

Website with massive number of pages, will find this section extremely useful. There might be many pages which you would wish that Google search users do not land on. This might be because you have removed the page. Also there is a possibility that you have changed the content of your page and your website still ranks for search queries related to the older content. In such cases, cache removal using this section would definitely help you.

Crawl Errors

The one section of this tool which you wouldn’t find in any other tool is errors found by Google – crawl errors, server connectivity errors, robots.txt fetch errors etc. Because of this section, you know which URLs on your page could not be accessed by Google. In addition to crawl errors and server connectivity issues, malware issue is something which webmaster tools points out. An immediate alert is also sent via messages.

Fetch as Google

If you need to index a newly created page or just a page which is not getting indexed since many days, Fetch as Google and Submit to index will do that with a few clicks. With Submit to index feature, apart from the page being submitted, you can get the linked pages also indexed.

So if you own a website and not using the Google webmaster tools you are definitely missing a lot.

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