Wash Bucket Challenge for the Real Men

Like with most of the families, my family also has the custom of females looking after the household work. My mother-in-law or me handle cooking, cleaning, washing etc. Men of the house look after earning for the family. With Ariel’s recent initiative called #WashBucketChallenge, it clicked to us that why can’t men give a helping hand to us.

So I approached my husband casually and asked him, “What if your mother and I are away from home for few days and you had to look after all the household work? Will you be able to manage everything?” And my sweet husband like a pro said “Of course! I can do it.” I wondered how he answered so positively. Further, I thought of assigning him one of the tasks which is not usually handled by him – washing clothes. He had never washed clothes in the washing machine. I doubt he even knew how to operate it. I asked him if he would like to handle the task of washing clothes from now onwards. He instantly agreed.

Well I had decided that I wouldn’t let him do it alone. I’ll be there by his side to assist him. On a Sunday morning, I prepared the bucket of clothes to be washed and handed it over to him along with the packet of Ariel Matic. I had to explain him the process of our top load washing machine, which he followed very carefully so that the machine doesn’t stop functioning due to any reason.

As we successfully finished washing and drying the whole bucket of clothes, he admitted that it’s not really a difficult task with our washing machine and Ariel Matic to wash and remove the stains. He also told that he would like to look after this task on every weekend so that our work load gets reduced. Ah!! I’m so proud of my husband 🙂

This is him taking up the #WashBucketChallengeIMG_20150322_120817


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